The Testing Process


Inservice Inspection And Testing Of

Electrical Equipment

We test to the standards set out in the the IEE Code of Practice for  In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. Below is a outline guide to these standards.


In-Service Testing

In-Service testing will involve the following:

(a) Preliminary inspection

(b) Earth continuity tests (Class 1 equipment only)

(c) Insulation testing

(d) Functional checks.

Preliminary Inspection

Also known as the formal visual inspection. A visual inspection of the appliance/leads/plug is made to make sure that there are no obvious signs of damage or wear. We also look at the safety of use of an appliance in a certain environment so as to elimate unsafe use.

Earth Bond Test  (Class 1 equipment only):

This is a test carried out using a specialised PAT machine to make sure the appliance tested is adequately earthed to the lead into the electric sockets.

Insulation Resistance Test:

This is another test done with the PAT machine it is to make sure that there is sufficent insulation in the appliance as this is what protects the user should the appliance become unsafe.

Functional Tests:

This is a basic inspection to make sure that the appliance is functioning correctly and is also drawing the right amount of current.

Reports & Recoding:

Once the testing has been completed we provide a report on each appliance covering the above tests  for your records and our records. This is to show that you have allowed us to carry out the above checks. We will make recommendations on what should be done with equipment that fails the testing process and will carry out minor repairs and retest if appropriate. These reports can also be used in the ongoing testing program to monitor the condition of appliances.

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